Datsun postage stamps?

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Datsun Emissions Maintenance

1972 Datsun emissions maintenance, adjustments and warranty

Here’s some really cool documents that came with our 1972 240Z – I’ve scanned them to share with you guys. The brochure shows a breakdown of the maintenance required to keep the [very primitive] emissions equipment functioning properly. Since emissions equipment was a new “thing” for consumers, a letter from Nissan Corporate arrived soon after […]


Datsun 1971 Consumer Information Manual

This scanned copy of the 1971 Datsun Consumer Information Manual covers a lot of safety information and vehicle capabilities for the 240Z, the 510, and the 1200.

fairlady s

SR311 Fairlady Roadster racing parts catalog from 1969!

As early as 1963, the Datsun / Nissan Fairlady Roadster was a formidable competitor on the race circuits of Japan, competing against the best offerings from Europe, Italy, Germany and other Japanese manufacturers. From 1967 to 1970, no other car even placed in the top 5 at Fuji Circuit… That’s domination!


Pre-war Datsun Parts Catalog?

For quite some time, Nissan / Datsun continued to maintain parts for their earliest models. This catalog shows parts for the Datsun 17, which was simply an updated version of Datsun’s prior cars. The Datsun 17 ended production in late 1938, and was the last model built before passenger car production was halted as the […]