1981 Datsun Dealer Press Packet

Straight from the DatsunForum.com memorabilia collection, here’s a neat piece for those of you with a 1981-vintage Datsun! This dealership press packet, in a glossy […]

1976_datsun_full_line_brochure (4)

The 1976 Datsun Lineup of Cars and Trucks

Straight from the DatsunForum vault, here’s a nice scan of the 1976 Datsun full-line brochure, exactly like you might have found in a Datsun dealer in late 1975. Imagine walking into a showroom in September 1975, seeing a sleek zero-mile 1976 280Z in bright red with a gorgeous black vinyl interior, sitting next to a […]


Nissan Sales Talk, 1984 – 50th Anniversary

Another awesome old document from the DatsunForum archives, scanned here for your enjoyment! (click thumbnails for larger images) The origin of the Datsun name and the Nissan Motor Company can be traced back to 1911, when Masujuro Hashimoto founded the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. What appears to have been his first car, a small 10-horsepower […]

clublife (12)

Nissan “clublife” Newsletter Spring-Summer 2014

The “clublife” newsletter is published for the Japanese market on a quarterly basis by Nissan – I guess you could call it the JDM equivalent of NICOclub, but in printed form! Anyhow, we periodically receive copies of clublife from our Japanese contacts, and I figured I’d share a copy with the members. There’s a historical […]


How Datsun Discovered America

In 1960, Nissan banished a rebellious executive to California. Once in the driver’s seat, Yutaka Katayama took off like nobody’s business. by David Halberstam, as appeared in ESQUIRE Magazine, October 1986 [This article was adapted from The Reckoning, by William Morrow] Yutaka Katayama was sent to America in 1960 to handle Nissan’s first exports to […]

datsun_312_bluebird_owners_manual (1)

Datsun Bluebird P312 Owner’s Manual

Here’s another neat piece from our collection – When we bought our 1963 Datsun Bluebird out of Canberra, Australia, there was a large packet of documentation that came along with it. Although the booklet is not in great shape, it’s a fun piece to read, and might help someone with their Bluebird project! Check out […]