The Scarab legend – The original hybrid Datsun Z.

Back in early 1976, Brian Morrow’s company, Scarab Engineering, was building a Z car with a lot of the mods that enthusiasts still pursue 40 years later… Leather interior, Recaro seats, flared fenders, magnesium wheels, rear spoiler, front air dam, a louvered hood – all the good stuff. Throw in 350 horsepower and perfect 50/50 […]


April 1968: Datsun 510 Car & Driver Road Test

When the Datsun 510 rolled onto US shores, it carried the future of the brand on its shoulders. Sure, Datsun had set up a dealer network exceeding 600 locations, and some inroads had been made with ‘early adopters’ and those ‘oddball’ citizens who were eager for a simpler, smaller vehicle. But in 1968, big cars, […]


Datsun 410 road test – Car and Driver June 1964

In the summer of 1964, American automakers were beginning to roll out their versions of “compact” cars, but the European offerings dominated that niche of the US market. Enter Datsun, with an entirely new way of looking at the compact sedan. The editors loved the little Datsun 410 for its build quality, handling, braking, and […]


1968 Car & Driver Road Test: Datsun 2000 Roadster

In 1968, most major automotive publications were busy fawning over the latest land barges from US manufacturers or making excuses for the build quality of their favorite European sedans or sports cars. However, in mid-1968, Car & Driver dedicated a five-page review to the newly-redesigned 1968 Datsun 2000. Contrary to the author’s opinion, Datsun Roadsters […]